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Crypto Token Mining

Bitcoin mining services are essential to the process of validating each cryptocurrency transaction before it is added to the public ledger.

Asset Backed Token Development

Tokenizing valuable assets and enabling fractional investment, we create tokens backed by actual assets, like real estate.

Non Fungible Token Development

Our crypto token development company creates sophisticated, non-fungible tokens that make it easy to tokenize a variety of assets, including music, art, and many more.

DeFi Token Development

We produce premium DeFi tokens that greatly simplify and expedite common financial operations such as lending, investing, and borrowing.

Metaverse Token Development

We provide virtual metaverse token design, development, and deployment services on well-known networks as part of our specialist crypto token development services.


To improve your blockchain application, create ethereum tokens that adhere to several ethereum token standards, like ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-223, ERC-1155, ERC-1400, and others.


Our team of talented token developers is capable of creating BEP20 standard tokens on BSC. We provide BEP-20 tokens for aspiring business owners, particularly in the Defi Market, based on a broad momentum in the blockchain area.


To improve any blockchain dApp, TRC-10, TRC-20, and TRC-721 generate TRON tokens in accordance with TRON's Most Recommended Token Standards.


We help NFT providers put up their own NFT marketplace so they may conduct trades, auctions, and bidding on assets backed by non-fungible tokens.

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Developing a sound plan from token generation to deployment is the first step in token development. The choice of blockchain network is a crucial step in the creation of tokens; selecting the best network will draw in more cryptocurrency users. With our crypto token development services, business owners and startups may quickly increase their revenue by developing their own token. We create tokens with every requirement feature, such as GUI, API, and smart contract accessibility. Our crypto token development company will always have a significant impact on streamlining your cryptocurrency company and increasing sales. Everything, including the app, website and token design will be managed by our professionals from beginning to end.

Possessing your own coin raises your brand's value. Since it gives your brand a polished appearance, it gives you an advantage over your rivals. Through airdrops and bounty programs, tokens may be utilized to raise brand recognition.

Being built to run on decentralized networks, cryptocurrencies do not require middlemen. This makes it possible for cryptocurrencies to provide users far more ownership and control over their digital possessions, which encourages financial independence.

Cryptocurrencies are geographically decentralized, anyone with an internet connection can engage in financial transactions. Global accessibility is particularly helpful for people who live in isolated places without access to banking services.

On cryptocurrency exchanges, acquired tokens can be traded. They are a great way to accumulate value over time and store it. Investors can use the ICO platform for your new token to make capital contributions to your blockchain-based company.

Special Features of Our Crypto Token Development

Our crypto token development services are jam-packed with excellent features that benefit token owners as well as consumers tremendously. These are a few of our tokens' exceptional qualities that might surprise you.

Token Burn

Token burn is a fundamental feature of tokens that is required in order to remove a certain quantity of tokens from circulation forever. for which the tokens are sent to private address that has been frozen and are not retrievable.

Token Minting

One of the more important procedures is token minting, which is essentially the generation of a new token with the same characteristics and capabilities. These tokens are easily obtainable for use in trade.

Agile Token Listing

The more important step is the token listing, which comes after token deployment. We create tokens that are simple to list on exchange marketplaces. Tokens that are listed quickly will be more visible for subsequent procedures in an agile manner.

Wallet Compatible

We are renowned for creating tokens with distinctive names, symbols, and other easily accessible features that work well with any cryptocurrency wallet program available on the market.

Access to ownership

Your token belongs entirely to you. Additionally, the token owners are able to manage and manufacture new tokens.


Your Token will be fully compliant with the ERC20 concept and work with any ERC20 wallet globally. It has several decimals, a symbol, and a name.

Industries Leveraging The Tokenization Process

Join our crypto token development company on this journey as we continue to shape the future of decentralized technology, offering unparalleled solutions that empower businesses and individuals alike.

Arts and Music

Access to unique content is provided by tokens, which are used to compensate artists and creators for their labor.


Tokens are used as in-game currency for virtual products, awards, and trading.


Tokens for essential government services including transaction certification, identification verification, and more.


Digital assets enable peer-to-peer, safe, direct transactions without middlemen.


A secure and workable substitute for conventional e-commerce operations.

Crypto Trading

Tokens for cryptocurrency trading: purchase, sell, and swap virtual money.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Blockchain authentication lowers fraud and counterfeiting to track commodities and inventory management.


A digital key that allows patients and healthcare practitioners to access medical data.

Our Crypto Token Development Process

Achieving excellence is ingrained in our DNA, and our track record speaks volumes. Our token development company follows the accurate development process to provide success for our esteemed clients.

Phase 01
Consultation Phase

Our team begins by offering consultation services for crypto development to clients who are new to the industry and intend to take full advantage of the advantages that cryptocurrency tokens may provide their companies.

Phase 02
Discovery Phase

The next stage of our crypto token development services is the discovery phase, during which we thoroughly understand your objectives and then come up with the ideal plan of action through ideation and validation.

Phase 03
Gather Requirements

We compile all of the project's needs in this step. Then, before we continue with the coin development process, we carry out a thorough analysis and build a roadmap in accordance with that analysis.

Phase 04
Design of a Solution and a Strategy

Depending on the precise project needs or goals that we hope to accomplish, we create suitable solutions and conceptualize designs, such as landing page creation, whitepaper preparation, and pre-launch marketing, during this step of our token development solutions.

Phase 05
Development Phase

Using the approved designs and strategies from the previous step, core crypto token development is carried out in this phase, which includes the integration of wallets, software, and other essential components to produce the token in accordance with the desired standard and prepare it for deployment.

Phase 06
Testing and Quality Analysis

Following the development of cryptography, we begin with quality control and testing. Our in-house quality assurance team conducts comprehensive testing to guarantee that the finished product is error-free and fit for use.

Phase 07
Deployment Phase

The QA team will give us the all-clear to launch the crypto coin. To guarantee total client pleasure and wrap up the deployment process, our team launches the crypto token in the proper manner.

Phase 08
Support and Marketing

Our crypto token development company makes sure to provide full assistance and post-launch marketing services across various channels following the crypto token's successful debut in order to attract the interest of all possible investors worldwide.

Why Choose Us For Crypto Token Development Services

WisewayTec offers premium crypto token development services that assist business owners in creating tokens with dynamic properties like tradeability, scalability, and fungibility. We also assess the market performance of major cryptocurrencies.

Multiple Token Development

Crypto token standards like ERC20, ERC 1155, ERC721, and others can be used to complete our development process.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee the flawless quality delivery of all of our token creation services, particularly when it comes to meeting deadlines and providing the client with all the features and functionality they have requested.

Our Expertise

We are professionals at offering the best blockchain development services available. We are capable of managing all aspect of your next cryptocurrency project, from development to marketing.

Experienced Developers

Your token creation project will be expertly completed by our knowledgeable and certified Crypto token developers, who will also offer post-launch support for upcoming updates.

Round The Clock Availability

Our crypto token development company offers full-time assistance during the token creation process. We also offer 24/7 support to address any technological questions and issues.

Transparent Process

Our open development approach for crypto token development services strives to improve the caliber of your commercial connections.

Our Vision Extends Beyond Your Horizon

We can help you launch quality tokens on the trending platforms & increase your business reach.

Frequently Asked Questions


A collection of procedures called token development is used to create and develop cryptocurrency tokens on a particular blockchain network. Token development supports the token with smart contract, API, and GUI accessibility from the point of token creation to token deployment.

The precise cost of developing a crypto coin is hard to pin down. The complexity of the project, whether it is being developed from scratch or by forking, and many other factors all affect how much it will cost to create. To receive the best quotation for your project, schedule a call with our team of specialists to go over the details of crypto token development services.

As a top-tier crypto token development company, we make every effort to create the cryptocurrency in the least amount of time. A few weeks will do if you intend to use any other coin as a base. On the other hand, depending on the project's complexity, creating one from scratch can take anywhere from one to three months.

The following list of factors should be taken into account when choosing a cryptocurrency development business.
  • Experience and expertise of the company
  • The infrastructure of the company
  • Different crypto projects
  • Size of the team
  • Reviews from previous clients
  • Tools and Technologies used

WisewayTec crypto token development company produces cryptocurrency tokens and assists business owners in starting profitable ventures in the current cryptocurrency market. Our development process includes specific functional features like tradeability, expandability, and feasibility that is necessary for members to be used successfully and economically.

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